Plenary Sessions

1. "Surface Texturing – Functionality and Manufacturability" (1 Cao Surface Texturing–Functionality and Manufacturability)

By Prof. Jian Cao From Northwestern University, USA

Prof. Jian Cao is currently an Associate Vice President for Research at Northwestern University and a Director of Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation (NIMSI). In addition to serving as a professor of mechanical engineering and professor (by courtesy) of civil and environmental engineering, she has been active on both national and international stages.

She served as the program director of the Materials Processing and Manufacturing (MPM) program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) from 2003 to 2005. Under her leadership, the World Technology Evaluation Study on Micromanufacturing was conducted and co-sponsored by four government agencies and more than 10 NSF programs. She co-initiated the joint-funding between NSF and the Department of Energy (DOE) for her MPM program.

She is also active in professional societies, having served as president of the North American Manufacturing Research Institute of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and chair of the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division. Currently, she is the secretary of the Scientific and Technical Committee on Forming of International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP).

Her major research interests include innovative manufacturing processes and systems, particularly in the area of deformation-based processes and laser ablation processes. Her work has made fundamental contributions to the understanding of wrinkling in sheet forming and the effects of material microstructure and material architecture on forming behavior of metals and woven composites. Her research has integrated analytical and numerical simulation methods, control and sensors, and design methodologies to advance manufacturing processes.


2. "Recent Developments of Tube Hydroforming Technology in Taiwan"

By Prof. Yeong-Maw Hwang From National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Prof. Yeong-Maw Hwang has been a professor, Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering (MEME), National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, since 1996. He has ever served as the department chair (2002-2005) of MEME. His research interests have been in the areas of metal forming, design and analysis of micro-generators, machine design and mechanics analysis. He is also well-known for his research in tube hydroforming technology for automobile applications. He won the Best Paper Award (1992) and Outstanding Engineering Professor Award (2007) from Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers in Taiwan. He was one of the recipients of the Excellent Research Award from NSYSU in 2004. He earned the Fellow title from Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP), Japan (2012) and Distinguished Professor of NSYSU (2012). He was appointed as the Vice Dean of Engineering College in National Sun Yat-sen University in August 2014.


3. "Technology Development in Tube Forming"

By Prof. Yukihisa Kuriyama From The University of Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Yukihisa Kuriyama has been an active member of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP) and currently served as head of Tube Forming Research Committee of JSTP. Before joining The University of Tokyo, he had joined Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Coporation and Yokohama National University, subsequently.


4. "Two Step Forming of Al Sheet for Light Weight Automotive Part"

By Dr. Yong-Nam Kwon From Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea

Dr. Yong-Nam Kwon got his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from POSTECH, Korea. He joined CAAM at POSTECH as a post-doctoral fellow during 1999-2001. He then joined Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, USA, as a post-doctoral fellow during 2001-2002. He has joined Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS) as a principal researcher since 2002. He is head of Materials Deformation Department and develops the energy-efficient and environment-friendly green technologies for advanced materials and processing through theoretical development, formulation, and computer-aided engineering of the thermo-elasto-plastic deformation and microstructure evolution.


5. "New development in  warm gas forming of Titanium alloy thin-walled parts"

By Prof. Gang Liu From Harbin Institute of Technology, China 

Prof. Gang Liu is currently Dean of Department of Materials Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology. He is active in professional societies, serving as a member of governing council of the China Society for Technology of Plasticity (CSTP) and chair of CSTP Pipe Forming Technology Division, a regional editor of International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, having served as the Chair of Organizing Committee of international conference TUBEHYDRO 2015 and ICNFT 2012.

His major research interests include metal forming theory and technology, particularly in the area of tube hydroforming, warm gas forming of light alloys and shell hydroforming. His work has made contributions to understanding of defect mechanism and process optimization of hydroforming, and to presenting control methods for hydroforming precision, material microstructure and mechanical properties.


6. "Quality Control of Metal Forming Products Aided by Finite Element Simulation"

By Prof. Ming Wang Fu From The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Dr. Mingwang FU is currently a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before he joined the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology as a Senior Research Engineer in 1997, he had worked in China as a professor and conducted many projects funded by governmental agencies and industries. In Aug 2006, he joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a faculty member.

Prof. Fu's main research endeavors are to seek an epistemological understanding of the science behind materials processing, manufacturing, and micro-mechanics, and further to advance the knowledge in these areas via successfully addressing a plethora of challenges and bottleneck issues the research activities face. His research endeavors lead to about 165 papers published by SCI journals, 3 monographs by Marcel Dekker (New York) and Springer-Verlag London Ltd, and the H-index of 33 in Google Scholar. Professor Fu is also sitting in the editorial board of some SCI journals, which include Int. J. of Plasticity, Materials & Design, Int. J. of Damage Mechanics, and Int. J. of Adv. Manuf. Tech., etc.