Welcome to TUBEHYDRO 2017


TUBEHYDRO 2017 is the 8th in a series of international conference on tube hydroforming and aims for “Sustainable Manufacturing via Tube hydroforming and Relevant Forming Technology”. CallForPaper

TUBEHYDRO 2017 is being organized by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), The National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Thai Tribology Association (TTA) and Company Research and Development Center (CRDC) during November 14-17, 2017 in Eastin Grand Hotel SathornBangkok, Thailand: GPS (13.7188015,100.5222591). Additionally, China Society for Technology of Plasticity, Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity, and Taiwan Society for Technology of Plasticity are co-organizers.

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Following the former seven successful TUBEHYDRO conferences held in Japan (2003), Korea (2005), China (2007), Taiwan(2009), Japan (2011), Korea (2013), and China (2015), the conference has expanded to cover the following relevant topics:
1. Tube Hydroforming (THF) Technology
           1.1. Cold, Warm and Hot THF
           1.2. Novel Techniques and Applications
           1.3. Sheet Hydroforming, Hydropiercing and Hydrojoining
2. Tube and Sheet Forming Technology
           2.1. Tube and Sheet Forming
           2.2. Bending and Springback
           2.3. Microforming
3. Forming Die Technology
           3.1. Design and Behavior of Die
           3.2. Tribology and Coating 
4. Simulation and Design of Forming
           4.1. Computational Methods
           4.2. Optimization Methods and Applications
5. Materials Investigation
           5.1. Formability Evaluation of Tube/Sheet
           5.2. Evolution of Material Properties
           5.3. Material Models and Testing Techniques
6. Tube Making
           6.1. Roll Forming
           6.2. ERW and Laser Welded Tubes
7. New Processing Technology and Innovation

8. Symposium on Materials for Automotive Applications

The delegates will have an opportunity to exchange their new ideas and results, to contribute to the field and to make it fruitful together.

TUBEHYDRO 2017 invites colleagues to submit their paper for peer review via the conference website or email.

Email: tubehydro2017@kmutt.ac.th or tubehydro2017@icloud.com