[sh_what_we_offer title=”Research Clusters” text=”There are many research projects done in MT. The research may be categorized into the following 4 main areas:

Materials for Energy & Environment
a. Solar Cells & Smart Materials
b. Materials & Eco Design
c. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
d. Technology Management

a. Corrosion
b. Metals Processing
c. Alloys Synthesis
d. Wear & Coating
e. Solidifications & Heat Treatment
f. Powder Metallurgy

a. Polymer Blends
b. Polymer Processing
c. Rubber Chemistry & Technology
d. Synthesis & Chemical Reactions
e. Polymer Composites

Applications of Materials
a. Auto Parts
b. Buildings
c. Thin Films and Nano Materials
d. Composite Materials
e. Thermal Spray Coating
f. Finite Element Applications
” sub_title=”Materials”]